Update on my back

Posted by Max02 | | Posted On Saturday, March 7, 2009 at 8:46 PM
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Ok, so the past few days have been kind of a bummer.

My back decided to flip out on me on Wednesday. Stupid thing. I don't think I feed it enough.

Well, anyways, so I saw my Chiropractor (ha, spelled it right my first try!) on Monday, got adjusted and everything seemed fine. I was a little tense after the visit, but everything was okay. Tuesday, my back was still tense. I'm pretty sure that's when I blogged last and asked for some prayer. Wednesday morning is when it hit the fan.

Ok, so I wake up and everything's peachy. I get out of bed with no complaints from my back. I use the restroom, and get down on my knees to wash my hands. Side Note: after my back started giving me problems, I found that it was easier and less painful to get on my knees to wash my hands instead of leaning forward to the ridiculously short sink in our restroom. I finish washing my hands, and guess what, I can't stand up...crap. Not only can I not stand up, but I'm in a whole lot of pain. I call my wife and she helps me limp to the bed, which is, luckily, only a few feet away (thank God we live in an apartment).

We call the church office to let them know I won't be in and that Leslie won't be in for long because she's going to head back and take me to the doctor's office. After much coersion and outbursts of pain, Leslie leaves for the office and I'm left alone to my agony. Seriously, I knew she had to take care of some things for me, but neither of us wanted her to leave me alone. I call the Chiropractor's office and let them know I'll be late and that I'm in a serious amount of pain.

Leslie comes back from the office and helps me get dressed, out of the apartment, and down the stairs (Why God? Why did we have to live on the second floor???). Let me just tell you now, if your back ever starts to spasm, get some serious meds in you, fast. I took a "cocktail," which is a mix of Advil and Tylenol. It didn't do much for me except appease my mind.

We get to the doctor's office and it was like half of my church decided to come in for an adjustment. There were at least 6 people from my church there that morning. They all opted to let me through before them; thanks ladies :)

Can I just give you one tip? When you're going to any doctor's office or hospital of any sort, DON'T WEAR SHORTS. I was not only in pain, I was also freezing!

After laying on a few contraptions that eased my back whilst also causing me more pain, (it was a very perplexing thing for me) my Dr. said that he wanted me to get some meds and an MRI. They scheduled an emergency apointment with a clinic down the road and I was off to find me some meds.

Our general practitioner, the doctor we usually see, wasn't in the office and they wanted us to come in and sit for another ungodly amount of time, so we called some friends to see if they had any leftover pain meds. I know, I know, it's totally wrong to do that. But I was in pain! You'd totally do the same thing, just wait.

We get to the MRI place and find out that they not only have to wait for authorization from my chiropractor, who just happened to leave for a 2 hour lunch, they also have to wait for my insurance to clear. The insurance is under my dad's name and there are all these prerequisites that have to be met, like faxed info from the doctor who saw me who, again, just so happend to step out for a long lunch....yeah.

Long story short, we ended up going to the general practitioner's office to get the meds. We also had to wait till the next day to get the MRI, but but than, thank God, I had my meds (a pain killer and a muscle relaxer).

Thank you God for muscle relaxers.

The next day, I had the MRI then headed over to my chiropractor to deliver the films. My stomach was NOT feeling good and, before we even park in the parking lot at the doc's office, I was out of the car and spewing whatever was in me on the side of the road. Lucky me.

Days later, I'm here in my house, where I've been for the past four days and haven't gone very many places other than the doc's office. Leslie leaves only when she has to, we'd both rather have her stay here. My back is okay. It's still spasming, but the meds help A LOT with the pain.

Leslie's been awesome. She's had to pick up the slack from everything I can't do: taking out the trash, refilling the 5 gallon water jug, lugging the groceries up the stairs, washing all the dishes, and acting as a human walker for me when I want to move from the bed/couch to the restroom. Yeah, she's been amazing.

Please be praying for us. The MRI results should be in Monday. We don't know if it's just my sacrum (spelling? any idea what the heck that is??), or if I have a herniated disc, or what. We'll see Monday. Pray for Leslie, who, like I said, is carrying a lot of extra responsibilities and emotions.

Hopefully it won't take me so long to update next time.