KVMV & Chick-fil-A Free Friday Morning Breakfast!

Posted by Max02 | | Posted On Friday, September 4, 2009 at 10:36 AM
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My church office won a drawing this week for a free Chick-fil-A breakfast courtesy of our local Christian radio network, KVMV. Troy, the guy who gets to drive the KVMV van around (how cool are those things?! /Although none come close to the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile) brought us our breakfast and some free goodies from the station. Leslie and I got the mugs. Among the loot were some t-shirts, caps, a water bottle, and a their version of the "going green" grocery bag (we took that, too).

They brought us 20 of these babies: --------------------->

They were delicious. I had two. There are really only 10 of us in the office and some of them didn't come to work today for various reasons. So that meant more for the rest of us! I might take a couple with me for lunch, lol.

So, one of the things that I learned today; Chick-fil-A has jelly. Personally, I like jelly on quite a lot of things: biscuits, toast, meatballs, peanut butter sandwhiches, the Monte Cristo from Bennigans, and other various food things I've yet to think of.

The chicken biscuit was pretty good. The chicken is always awesome at "the Fla" (as one of my friends calls it). The biscuit was different, compared to the standard fast food stuff served at McDonald's and Burger king. It felt, looked and tasted more like a homemade biscuit than any of the other places. Which probably explains why I'm still not sure if I really liked it or not. When you get used to something, it's hard to change, even if the new thing is better than the old.

My only complaint is that everything at "the Fla" is slightly more pricey than at other places. This, of course, means that the product is better (I should hope so, at least), but it also means that it puts more of a dent in my wallet. So, as much as I love Chick-fil-A, I don't think I'll be beating down their doors for breakfast. Especially when Burger King has a sausage biscuit for $0.50! I don't care if they put battery acid in it, it's cheap.

Chick-fil-A is better, though. Another downside is that "the Fla" is closed on Sundays. Which brings me to this video:

I LOVE this video. It's hilarious. Tim Hawkins does some great comedic stuff. His face at about 1:04 is priceless, too.

I love Chick-fil-A and I love it even more when it's FREE!

In other news, Leslie and I are leaving the office early to take our weekend off! We haven't had one since around May. That's a lot of weeks with five services each weekend. I love it, but we definitely need some time off. We'll be driving to McAllen, staying the night, getting some dinner, and hanging around the town all day tomorrow. I'll miss church, the people and the ministry teams.

Until then